The Bothy

A space in Cirencester for community, arts, and events. 

‘The Bothy’ is a creative, flexible event space use in a variety of inspiring ways.  Neighbours, charities, community groups and artists are all welcome to use the bright and spacious room for such things as classes, talks, meetings, workshops, drop-in sessions and small scale events and exhibitions.


Weaving - Rebecca Connolly


Weaving - Rebecca Connolly


Saturday 19th October 2019

10am - 4pm

After a brief introduction your loom will be setup ready for you to start weaving straight away, each participant has their own loom for the workshop.

The body tensioned loom has a contraption called a rigid heddle to lift & lower the two sets of threads, so you don’t have to weave ‘over and under’!

Rebecca guides you through the basics of weave technique and pattern design; transferable skills relevant to all types and sizes of weaving looms.

You will be encouraged to experiment with a wide range of yarn colours, textures and fibres with a bias towards British Wool and Natural Dyed colour used in Rebecca’s own practice. Feel free to bring any characterful yarn you have been saving for something special.

Designing and making warps, threading and tensioning are demonstrated with the opportunity for students to setup a loom themselves.

The sampler you create is yours to take home - to enjoy as a hanging, to embellish a garment, trim a cushion or with some simple stitching made into a pouch for… whatever you need one for!

Enjoy a creative, peaceful, meditative day embracing the idea of ‘Slow Textiles’.

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